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Advocating for Americans, protecting our seniors from fake - non-FDA approved drugs (dumped on the U.S. market by Canadian, Mexican and Chinese pharmacies), lobbying the halls of both the Congress & Senate and working toward one common goal - to lower prescription drug prices in America; PBRX was the pioneer in creating Pillbot, which allowed consumers access to pharmacy pricing information. Pharmaceutical drug pricing information that had been otherwise unavailable until the founders of PBRX developed a bot (a friendly web spider), which when deployed, would gather up the drug pricing information of all online pharmacy websites and compile that information into the first online pricing database made available to consumers. The founders of PBRX didn't stop at creating Pillbot, they then identified a need to open the door for Canadian Pharmacies to offer prescription drugs to Americans who could not afford the higher drug prices. 

Gregg Fischer then turned his attention to advocating lower drug prices for Americans by connecting with those in Washington, D.C., who could make a difference. Prescription drug prices were rising and the population most vulnerable to those rising prices were senior citizens. Then President George W. Bush pushed the Medicare Part D through the House in 2002 but, then it stalled in the Senate. It became apparent that American Seniors (who had already turned to Canada for lower drug prices), needed an advocate who would work to create a commission to accredit Canadian Pharmacies to conduct cross border business between Canadian pharmacies and American consumers. The North American Pharmacy Accreditation Commission was created (by the founders of PBRX), and the CEO's of the largest Canadian Pharmacies traveled to Washington for NAPAC summits and to ultimately meet with President George W. Bush and many members of the Senate and Congress (along partisan lines). 

Gregg Fischer was then named one of the Vice Chairmen of President Bush's 2002 Presidential Dinner where the entire NAPAC committee attended meetings with Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist andSenators Lindsey Graham, Elizabeth Dole, Majority Whip Mitch McConnell, George Allen, John McCain, Trent Lott, John Cornyn, Tom Harkin, Jeff Sessions, Sam Brownback and across the aisle; Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy; advocating the legalization and importation of Canadian drugs into the United States was clear that the only difference between pharmaceuticals being sold in the United States and Canada was the price, as the Canadians were offering their medications 50% lower than U.S. based pharmacies, however, there was a catch  - none of the drugs being sold out of Canada were FDA approved.  The question of why many Americans were forced to go across the border to get their medications could only be solved by the passage of the Medicare Part D bill. 

George W. Bush decided it was time to tackle the high cost of prescription drugs in America. Pillbot, which offered the first free online drug price comparison tool for consumers (which had been featured in Money Magazine for its innovative technology and PillBid (the sister site for low priced prescription drugs voted the Best of the Web (out of just six websites by Money Magazine in 2001)  were comparing prices of all online pharmacies throughout this period of time.  There was no doubt that Americans could save money by comparison shopping and NOT being forced to shop at Canadian pharmacies, and risking their health by accepting drugs which were not FDA approved. 

With mounting pressure from lobbying efforts to bring less expensive drugs across the border from Canada, coupled with big pharma lobbying to keep the Canadian drugstore door closed, President Bush signed the Medicare Part D bill in November 2003. 

In his remarks at the signing of the bill, President Bush stated: 

"These reforms are the act of a vibrant and compassionate government. We show our concern for the dignity of our seniors by giving them quality healthcare. We show our respect for seniors by giving them more choices and more control over the decision making. We're putting individuals in charge of their healthcare decisions. The challenges facing seniors on Medicare were apparent for many years, and those years passed with much debate and a lot of politics and little reform to show for it. And that changed with the 108th Congress. This year we met our challenge with focus and perseverance. We confronted problems, instead of passing them along to future administrations and future Congresses. We overcame old partisan differences. We kept our promise and found a way to get the job done. This legislation is the achievement of members in both political parties. And this legislation is a victory for all of America's seniors."

PBRX is now back with its own Pharmacy Benefits Program. While the technology is more advanced than nearly 20 years ago, the mission stays the same, find the lowest drug prices available, compare those prices against retailers, search for the discounts, coupons, and savings through pharmaceutical discounts and; carry your FREE PBRX Pharmacy Benefits Card to take advantage of savings on your prescription drugs. 

Source: Wikipedia Medicare Part D

The Alternative to International Pharmacies -- U.S. Based PBRx, Inc. Opens

U.S. Based PBRx Generic Pharmacy takes to the High Seas to Offer Discounted Generic Prescription Drugs to Cruise Line Passengers

With drug coverage from Medicare HMOs and employer plans

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Money Magazine, another online drug information company, also expects to undercut the Medicare card discounts,  The company operates an online pharmacy, that offers low-cost generic drugs to Medicare enrollees. PillBot  questioned the need for a government-sponsored price comparison Web site. ''Just how much money are they spending to do a program that already exists'' in the marketplace" the creator of PillBot asked. 

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