Questions Asked & Answered

Q. I just received my PBRx card; do I need to call to activate it?

Answer: For your convenience, your card has already been activated.

Q. Does each family member need to have their own P​BRx card?

Answer: No, your PBRX card is valid for all family members in your household.

Q. How do I use my PBRX card benefits?

Answer: Simply present your PBRX card with your prescription to the pharmacy, the pharmacist will then calculate the discounted price of your prescription.

Q. Does PBRX exclude any group from participation?

Answer: Absolutely not! There are pharmacy card benefits programs that drop (or exclude) groups based upon political affiliations and even membership into groups such as the NRA. PBRX does NOT play politics. Those pharmacy benefit providers who drop groups based upon "trending politics" is not a group you want to be part of. 

Q. Are there any restrictions on who can utilize the PBRX discount program?

Answer: No, there are no age, income, or enrollment restrictions, all members of your household are eligible to participate.

Q. How many pharmacies participate in the PBRX program?

Answer: There are currently over 70,000 participating pharmacies in the United States which accept the PBRX card.

Q. How can I determine how much my prescription will cost?

Answer: There are two ways you can obtain the price prior to going to your participating pharmacy. You can visit the drug pricing link from the website listed on your card, or you can call the member service phone number and a representative can assist with pricing your prescription.

Q. How much can I expect to save using the PBRX discount program?

Answer: Savings on individual drugs can vary greatly. PBRX Savings can be as high as 20% on brands and 75% on generics. Sometimes the pharmacy's price is lower than the PBRX price (on specific pharmaceuticals), as the medication may be subject to rebates, pharma discounts and coupons lower than the PBRX price. 

Q. Do prices vary at different pharmacies in the PBRX pharmacy network?

Answer: Yes, pharmacies contract with different agreed upon discount rates. It is important to research pharmacies in your community to find the best available price.

Q. I used my PBRX card and the pharmacist said it did not save me anything?

Answer: In some cases the pharmacy's retail price can be lower than your discounted PBRX network price. In that case, you always receive the lowest price available at your pharmacy.

Q. How do I find a participating PBRX pharmacy?

Answer: There are two ways to locate a participating pharmacy. You can visit the PBRX pharmacy locator link on the PBRX website or you can call the PBRX member service phone number and a representative can assist with locating a pharmacy.

Q. Is my PBRX card valid in Canada and European based pharmacies?

Answer: No. We do not recommend, endorse or refer U.S. based consumers to Canadian and/or European pharmacy providers. If you shop for pharmaceuticals internationally you run the risk of receiving counterfeit medications out of Canada, China and the European Union. If the medication you are receiving is not FDA Approved, you are putting your health at grave risk! There have been cases out of Canada, where Cancer Drugs have been sold to U.S. based consumers and have been found to be counterfeits and ineffective for treating cancer.

The PBRx Pharmacy Benefits Card is accepted nationwide

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